Australian GP quick update


My friend Stacey and I (I’m on the left) on main straight

Hi Racers

Just a quick mobile blog to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll be doing a nice big blog update tommorow once I get home from Melbourne.

The trip was amazing! I managed to fit as much in as I possibly could do am now knackered!

I fly home this afternoon so stay tuned 🙂

Keep Revving

Vroom Vroom

Mark saying hi at the exclusive evening I attended. Apologies for the photo quality – flash at same time as clicking


Melbourne F1 bound


Ok Racers,

The time has FINALLY arrived. I’m hopping on a plane in about 9 hours to head to Melbourne for the opener of the 2012 Formula 1 season at the Qantas Australian Grand Prix.

Excited? YES!!!

I, of course, went all out and am lucky enough to be enjoying a pitlane walk and pitlane breakfast on Thursday. Autographs with the drivers and numerous other incredible experiences INCLUDING attending a very special cocktail party with Mark Webber as the special guest.

He will be mingling, answering fan/supporter club member questions and enjoying the F1 atmosphere at the Crown Casino.

I’ll be sure to get lots of photos, one or two with Mark and plenty of track action.

I’ll be walking the track on Sunday before the race too.

Be sure to check in and see where I’m at!

Set your alarms for qualifying & race and keep the revs high.

The season has begun!

Go Webber 🙂

Vroom Vroom


Pre-Season Q&A Interview

Mark Webber & Sebastian Vettel 2011

Hi Racers,

I am really very excited about this. Alex Goldschmidt ( Editor ) approached me and asked if I was interested in being involved in a 4 part, pre-season Q&A. I of course, obliged, especially as my questions were to be in reference to the Red Bull Team 🙂

I was nervous, but I really shouldnt have been. Alex was wonderful and we are both really happy with how it has turned out.

I have done a nice little run down on my predictions for the 2012 season, in terms of a few regulatory & technical changes and also a look back at my favorite moments from 2011 for the Red Bull Racing Team, Vettel & Webber.

Here it is 🙂

Please be sure to leave any comments, Alex will be sure to relay them back to me.

I would love to hear your feedback, and dont forget to follow Alex on twitter to be kept up to date with the other 3, of this 4 part pre season series.!/EyeofAlexg1977

Until Next Time,

Keep Racing

Vroom Vroom


Happy New Year


Hi Racers

Just a quick post to thank you all for your support over the past year.

Thankyou for allowing me to write about what I love most – Formula 1.

Be kind to each other, always be careful, and always keep the revs high.

Countdown to Melbourne GP officially begins for me tomorrow.

Vroom Vroom

You know you love F1 when….


Hi Racers

Can anyone relate?

Thanks to Hannah over at Mark Webber Gives Me Wings. The best f1 tumblr out there. Go check it out 🙂

• You take the racing line under any circumstances, such as walking up a staircase.

• You stop in front of the house and expect the mechanics to push you into the garage.

• The Vettel index finger is now a part of your celebration.

• You try to replicate a real-life situation on an F1 video game.

• You talk through laps on F1 2010 like you’re Martin Brundle explaining it to the world.

• You describe your underwear colour as ‘British Racing Green’.

• You know that rallying driving style is better for a shopping trolley than Formula 1 driving style.

• You hear ‘Red Bull’ and the first thing that comes to your mind is the racing team, not the energy drink brand.

• You are walking behind someone, you wait until the last millisecond to cut either to the left, or the right, and then try to overtake them.

• You watch old YouTube clips of F1 and you know exactly what Murray Walker is going to say and how he says it.

• A friend starts discussing where they want to go on holiday and you start prattling on about the tracks the country has.

• You slip over, and immediately blame Charlie Whiting for starting the day in these conditions.

• You use F1 situations as metaphors. In my not-so-wise moments, when a friend has needed advice I have compared it to Suzuka 1990, Senna VS Prost.

• It rains and you step in puddles to cool down your shoes.

• Your dad gets a haircut, and the first thing you say is “You look like Christian Horner”.

• Your knowledge of foreign languages is heavily based on various corner names from around the world.

• Any time you hear other people talking about F1 and getting their facts wrong you get consumed by an intolerable rage.

• You hear the German national anthem and you instinctively expect the Italian one to follow.

• 90% of your conversations with your dad are about F1.

• Your preferred choice of words for ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ are ‘for sure’.

• Before a race weekend, you get on the nearest F1 game and drive some laps to get into the swing of things.

• After qualifying, you get on an F1 game again to show Vettel how it’s done.

• You take the racing line for walking and get annoyed when somebody gets in the way, so much so that you consider reporting them to the FIA.

• If you miss anything, even a few minutes of the BBC Forum or The Chain, you are unhappy.

• You slightly drive over one of those rumble strips on the motorway and the sound it makes reminds you of a kerb in a Formula 1 onboard shot.

• You get stuck in fairly slow traffic and impersonate a member of your team telling you to go into fuel-saving mode “Okay , we need to go into fuel-saving mode. Mix 5, Mix 5”.

Keep Racing

Vroom Vroom

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The Mark Webber ReTweet

Hi Racers

Last week was all about twitter and my excitement of getting a retweet from Mark himself 😉

Check it out!!!


If you aren’t yet following Mark on twitter – do it. @aussiegrit

Follow me too – updates on F1 and you will be notified of new blog posts.

Keep racing twits 😉

Vroom Vroom

Hurry to secure your Melbourne GP Tickets 2012


Melbourne F1 GP - Get your tickets NOW

Hi Racers

Just a quick reminder that you only have until July 31st to buy your Melbourne 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix Tickets AND secure yourself as a Gold Grand Prix Advantage Member for no extra cost.

You get a huge stack of extra goodies – memorabilia, pit lane walk, main straight walk, access to the GP Advantage only area and the chance to win some cool prizes.

Head over to the website and grab them now – they are limited!

You must purchase either a 4 day Grandstand or 4 Corner Grandstand Ticket to qualify for the Advantage Upgrade.

Get yours – I’ve got mine!

Vroom Vroom