Australian GP quick update


My friend Stacey and I (I’m on the left) on main straight

Hi Racers

Just a quick mobile blog to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll be doing a nice big blog update tommorow once I get home from Melbourne.

The trip was amazing! I managed to fit as much in as I possibly could do am now knackered!

I fly home this afternoon so stay tuned 🙂

Keep Revving

Vroom Vroom

Mark saying hi at the exclusive evening I attended. Apologies for the photo quality – flash at same time as clicking


Melbourne F1 bound


Ok Racers,

The time has FINALLY arrived. I’m hopping on a plane in about 9 hours to head to Melbourne for the opener of the 2012 Formula 1 season at the Qantas Australian Grand Prix.

Excited? YES!!!

I, of course, went all out and am lucky enough to be enjoying a pitlane walk and pitlane breakfast on Thursday. Autographs with the drivers and numerous other incredible experiences INCLUDING attending a very special cocktail party with Mark Webber as the special guest.

He will be mingling, answering fan/supporter club member questions and enjoying the F1 atmosphere at the Crown Casino.

I’ll be sure to get lots of photos, one or two with Mark and plenty of track action.

I’ll be walking the track on Sunday before the race too.

Be sure to check in and see where I’m at!

Set your alarms for qualifying & race and keep the revs high.

The season has begun!

Go Webber 🙂

Vroom Vroom


Mark Webber’s Merry Xmas Message

Hi Racers,

As always, Mark has posted a Merry Xmas message for his fans on his Youtube Channel ( AussieGrit ) from a nice secluded beach in sunny Australia 🙂



There are some other GREAT videos on his site – I especially like the video of him at the Festival of Speed in my home town of Perth – Here is it below.



Not long until Xmas now Racers!! – a little Card from our a Formula 1 team.

Vroom Vroom x




Mark’s final BBC column of the year


Mark with glasses – perfect for his Journo role at BBC 🙂

Hi Racers

As always, here is the link to Mark’s BBC column. His final of the year.

On another note, apologies if my blog hasn’t been as exciting as recent months. I’m collating information to post a nice report on all the driver changes that have been happening.

Will get on the comp & post this weekend.

Until then,

Keep the revs high

Vroom Vroom

Milton Keynes Home Run – Champions Return

Hi Racers

Anyone lucky enough to get themselves over to Milton Keynes were in for a real treat, as the Red bull racing team and their drivers Seb Vettel & Mark Webber showcased their winning cars over the weekend.

There was a MASSIVE turn out of almost 60,000 fans who lined the streets to see their champion drivers return and celebrate their winning year in Formula 1.

Webber says of the event:

“It was something special to drive the car in Milton Keynes today in front of all the fans. The location was close to the factory and I live pretty locally too, so it was nice to give something back to the community. I know some of the roundabouts on the course from driving my road car, so it was something different to drive them in an F1 car! It was a nice atmosphere, the sun was shining and it was good for everyone to get close to the cars. It’s a great thing that Red Bull has done to say thank you to the fans.”



“It’s great to be here in Milton Keynes which is where the cars are built and everyone from the factory works. It’s nice to say thank you and to see all the fans from the area. It was good fun; we did some donuts and enjoyed ourselves out there. Thanks to all the fans that came today, we wanted to put on a great show, so I hope they enjoyed it. It’s a great way to finish the season.”


Christian Horner also joined the two Red Bull Drivers:

“To run an F1 car through the middle of Milton Keynes was fantastic, so many of our workforce are local and it’s great to see so many fans here. It’s flattering to have so many people turn out to celebrate what we have achieved. Without the fans, there’s no Formula One and no Red Bull, so it’s good to give something back and celebrate our double World Championship like this. I would like to say a huge thank you to Milton Keynes Council for what they have done for us. Closing the middle of the city on one if their busiest shopping days is highly appreciated, so a huge thank you to them for all their efforts.”

Check out the photos below, and also follow the link to see the video of Webber & Vettel revving it up for the crowd 🙂


Vettel & Webber at the Milton Keynes Home Run

Vettel & Webber


Webber burns the rubber in MK

Did you get yourself to MK and witness the action?

Id love to hear about it.

Keep Racing,

Vroom Vroom




Hi Racers

Big congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button & Mark Webber on receiving their World Champion standings trophies at the FIA Gala in India.

Great season 🙂

20111211-143831.jpg Sebastian Vettel 1st

20111211-143929.jpgJenson Button – 2nd

20111211-144001.jpgMark Webber – 3rd

Keep Racing

Vroom Vroom

Mark Webber BBC. Tasmania, helicopters & more


Mark busy competing in the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmanian Challenge

Hi Racers

New column entry from Mark, all the way from Tasmania, Australia.

Enjoy 🙂

Keep Racing

Vroom Vroom