Mercedes Unveil the F1 W03

The new Mercedes "Silver Bullet" W03 in Barcelona

Hi Racers

Finally, we get to see what Mercedes have come up with and it looks the “silver bullet” we were expecting.

It features the new stepped nose, and it doesnt look too bad actually. The colour scheme & advertising does tend to lower its impact, which is always good.

W03 in action

Team Principle Ross Brawn had this to say about the W03

“The F1 W03 is a car that I believe, and hope, our team can be proud of, and which will deliver the on-track results that everybody has worked so hard to achieve,” Brawn said. “Notwithstanding the distinctive nose design, which is certainly an acquired taste, the F1 W03 is an elegant interpretation of the current regulations, and a clear step forward over its predecessor in terms of detail design and sophistication.

“Last year, we produced a very bold car and, although its more radical elements didn’t always deliver the results we had hoped for, the experience we gained has been invaluable to the design of the 2012 car. The F1 W03 is also a more integrated package, which reflects the ever-strengthening ties between our technical teams in Brackley and Brixworth, and demonstrates that our Silver Arrows works team is taking the next step forward in terms of on-track performance.”

Unfortunetly, I’m unable to source the Tech Spec’s for the W03 at this stage.

Not long until the start of the 2012 season now!!

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Williams unveil the FW34

Senna & Maldonardo with the new FW34

Hello Hello Racers,

Another hour, another new launch it seems – Im exhausted keeping up!

Williams launched their FW34 in Jerez yesterday.

After a horrendous year in 2011, Williams are hoping that with a new driver in Bruno Senna, and switching from the Cosworth engine to Renault may boost them to a better year in 2012.

Of course, its got the stepped nose and a new paint job. Same colours with the blue and white but it seems they have gone for a more charcoal blue, rather than the obvious navy blue of last year.

FW34 in action. Jerez

As always, here are the tech spec’s – thanks to


Chassis construction Monocoque construction Laminated from carbon

epoxy and honeycomb composite structure, surpassing FIA impact and strength requirements

Front suspension Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with composite

toelink and pushrod activated springs and anti-roll bar

Rear suspension Double wishbone and pullrod activated springs and anti-roll bar
Transmission Williams F1 seven speed seamless sequential semi-automatic shift

plus reverse gear. Gear selection electro-hydraulically actuated

Clutch Carbon multi-plate
Dampers Williams F1
Wheels RAYS forged magnesium
Tyres Pirelli, Fronts: 325mm wide, Rears: 375mm wide
Brake system AP 6 piston callipers all round, carbon discs and pads
Steering Williams F1 power assisted rack and pinion
Fuel system ATL Kevlar-reinforced rubber bladder
Electronic systems FIA SECU standard electronic control unit
Cooling system Aluminium  Oil, Water, KERS, and gearbox radiators
Cockpit Driver six point safety harness with 75mm shoulder straps & HANS system, removable anatomically formed carbon fibre seat covered in Alcantara
Motive power Motive power: Renault  2.4L V8, 90° V angle engine,

pneumatic valve train. Fuel and lubricants by Total.

High energy inductive ignition system. Engine materials include

block and pistons in aluminium alloy, crankshaft in Nitrided alloy steel with tungsten alloy counterweights, connecting rods in titanium alloy.

Dimensions & weight Weight: FIA Minimum

Wheelbase: FIA Maximum

Overall length: 5000mm

Overall height: 950mm

Overall width: 1800mm


I hope the change in engine, plus the injection of Bruno Senna can lift the team to a better standing for the 2012 season.


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Red Bull RB8 Technical Specifications and Launch Video

Hi Racers,

Sorry for the delay – here are the RB8’s technical specifications – ENJOY 🙂

Thanks to of course.

Engine: Renault engine RS28 – 2012
Cylinders: 8
Capacity: 2400cc
Max rpm: 18,000rpm
Number of Valves: 32
Vee Angle: 90 degrees
Power Output: Not Disclosed
Engine construction: Cylinder block in cast aluminium
Engine management: FIA (MESL) standard control unit TAG310B
Oil: Total Group
Weight: FIA minimum weight of 95kg
  • Chasis

    Composite monocoque structure, designed and built in-house, carrying the Renault V8 engine as fully stressed member

  • Transmission

    Seven-speed gearbox, longitudinally Mounted with hydraulic system for power shift and clutch operation. AP Racing clutch

  • Suspension

    Front:  Aluminium alloy uprights, carbon-composite double wishbone with springs and anti-roll bar, Multimatic dampers

    Rear: Aluminium alloy uprights, carbon-composite double wishbone with springs and anti-roll bar, Multimatic dampers

  • Brakes

    Brembo calipers, Brembo carbon discs and pads

  • Electronics

    FIA (MESL) standard control unit

  • Fuel

    Total Group


Wheels OZ Racing
Front: 12in x 13in diam.
Rear: 13.7in x 13in diam.
Tyres: Pirelli
Brakes: Brembo


Also, for your viewing enjoyment, here is the RB8 Launch video, complete with interviews.



Keep Racing,

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Torro Rosso unveil the STR7

Torro Rosso launch the STR7

Hi Racers,

Talk about a great couple of days! For all of the F1 fans out there who have been waiting eagerly for some F1 related action, its come in a flurry with the unveiling of most of the teams cars and the testing starting in Jerez.

Torro Rosso unveiled their 2012 Challenger, the STR7 on Tuesday ( apologies for the delay in getting this post out to you all )


Stepped Nose on STR7


The Torro Rosso ( unsurprisingly ) featured the stepped nose, which, frankly to me is now old news. It’s obvious that the teams are employing this as a way to achieve the lost downforce from the blown diffuser ban. The fact Mclaren are the only team WITHOUT a step nose could either go in their favour or very much AGAINST. Only time will tell.

Here are the STR7’s Tech Spec’s thanks to



Official car name: STR7

Engine: Ferrari V8 Type 056

Chassis material: Composite monocoque structure

Bodywork material: Carbon fibre composite

Front suspension: Upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bar springs and anti roll bars, Sachs dampers

Rear suspension: Upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bar springs and anti roll bars, Sachs dampers

Steering: Scuderia Toro Rosso

Gearbox: Seven-speed hydraulic

Clutch: Sachs Triple-plate pull-type

Calipers: Brembo

Pads and discs: Brembo

Cooling system (radiators, heat exchangers): Scuderia Toro Rosso

Cockpit instrumentation: Scuderia Toro Rosso

Seat belts: OMP

Steering wheel: Scuderia Toro Rosso

Driver’s seat: Carbon fibre construction,moulded to driver’s shape

Extinguisher system: Scuderia Toro Rosso/FEV

Wheels: Advanti Racing

Fuel cell: ATL

Overall weight : 640 kg (including driver and camera)


Watch the video of the STR7 launch ( including interviews ) below.



I especially like Daniel Riccardo’s tweet following the launch:

Daniel Ricciardo @danielricciardo

Was a great feeling sliding off the TR7’s dress today. And no bra! Too easy 🙂

Sliding off the dress 😉


Keep Racing,

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Red Bull unveil RB8 – and it was worth the wait

Hi Racers,

It is time, and it was WORTH it! Red bull have once again amazed with the RB8.

Sophisticated, sexy and just downright awesome – all, with the stepped nose 🙂



No-one does it like Red Bull.

Photos will follow tommorow.

Until then, just enjoy. I think I’ve watched it 100 times already.

Vroom Vroom



Sauber unveil the C31

Kobayashi & Perez unveil the C31 in Jerez

Hi Racers,

Another few hours and another new car has been unveiled in preparation for the start of season testing in Jerez.

This time its the Sauber F1 Team releasing their C31, driven by Kobayashi and Perez for the 2012 season.

The new C31 incorporating the step nose and a new colour scheme

At the time of the release, Chief Designer, Matt Morris had this to say:

“The C31 is revolutionary where we had fresh ideas, particularly at the rear of the car, and it is an evolution where we knew we could carry over certain approaches. We had to improve on the weaknesses we identified on the C30, but at the same time we wanted to maintain its strengths.

“We had established some good directions to go in towards the end of last year with the C30 which we wanted to continue with, particularly some of our DRS developments, and some of the ways we were opting for with the car’s set up in order to improve our qualifying performance without compromising our race pace.”

Once again, the stepped nose is evident and they have gone with a new paint job, incorporating some black, rather than just the stark white of last year.

Here are the Tech Spec’s – thanks to

Sauber C31-Ferrari
Chassis carbon-fibre monocoque
Front suspension upper and lower wishbones, inboard springs and dampers (Sachs Race Engineering) actuated by pushrods
Rear suspension upper and lower wishbones, inboard springs and dampers (Sachs Race Engineering) actuated by pullrods
Brakes six-piston brake callipers (Brembo), carbon-fibre pads and discs (Brembo)
Transmission Ferrari 7-speed quick-shift carbon gearbox, longitudinally mounted, carbon-fibre clutch
Chassis electronics MES
KERS Ferrari
Steering wheel Sauber F1 Team
Tyres Pirelli
Wheels OZ
Dimensions Length  5.195 mm width 1.800 mm height 1.000 mm track width, front 1.495 mm track width, rear 1.410 mm
Weight 640 kg (incl. driver, tank empty)

Ferrari 056 Motor
Type naturally aspirated V8, 90° cylinder angle
Engine block sand-cast aluminium
Valves / valve train 32 / pneumatic
Displacement 2,398 ccm
Bore 98 mm
Weight > 95 kg
Electronic injection and ignition

I have to admit, this isn’t a favorite of mine, it looks cheap and not nearly as slick as it could have been with the black and white colour scheme.

Only about an hour to go until Red Bull!

Keep Racing,

Vroom Vroom

Lotus unveil the E20


Raikkonen & Grosjean unveil the Lotus E20

Hi Racers,

I LOVE the look of the Lotus E20. It’s sleek, stylish, sophisticated and just “works”. Finally! Proof that the stepped nose can look stylish. Why the other team’s weren’t able to figure this out is beyond me.

Kudo’s to Lotus, they have done an exceptional job. The black/gold look is just awesome. Yep, love it 🙂

Super stylish!

Once again, ONE small jibe about the advertising, isn’t pleasant that such a stylish car and we have to read about ” CLEAR anti dandruff” during a race, but, if it wasnt for the sponsors, where would they be hey?


Moulded carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque, manufactured by Lotus F1 Team and designed for maximum strength with minimum weight. RS27-2012 V8 engine installed as a fully-stressed member.

Front Suspension

Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones operate an inboard rocker via a pushrod system. This is connected to a torsion bar and damper units which are mounted inside the front of the monocoque. Aluminium uprights and OZ machined magnesium wheels.

Rear suspension

Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones with pull rod operated torsion springs and transverse-mounted damper units mounted in the top of the gearbox casing. Aluminium uprights and OZ machined magnesium wheels.


Seven-speed semi-automatic titanium gearbox with reverse gear. “Quickshift” system in operation to maximise speed of gearshifts.

Fuel system

Kevlar-reinforced rubber fuel cell by ATL.

Cooling system

Separate oil and water radiators located in the car’s sidepods and cooled using airflow from the car’s forward motion.


MES-Microsoft Standard Electronic Control Unit. braKiNg system Carbon discs and pads. Calipers by AP Racing. Master cylinders by AP racing and Brembo.


Removable driver’s seat made of anatomically formed carbon composite, with six-point or eight-point harness seat belt by OMP Racing. Steering wheel integrates gear change, clutch paddles, and rear wing adjuster.


Motor generator unit driving into front of engine with batteries as an energy store. Motor Generator supplied by Renault Sport F1. Electronic control unit by Magneti-Marelli.

Obviously they had a CLEAR view of the car they wanted to create 😉