Delayed Melbourne Race Review


Hi Racers

Sorry for the delay in getting you my Melbourne race review – what an opener to the season.

Qualifying was a shoe in for Vettel – which is unfortunate, I would have preferred to see a bit more of a fight for pole position. Vettel managed to blow the contenders out of the water with a final Qualifying time of 1:23.529, his closest competitor was Hamilton at a full second slower on 1:24.307.

Webber had a disappointing Qualifying ( in his own words ) with the time of 1:24.395, being nipped at the post by Hamilton in the final straight. It raised some questions as to why Vettel was so much faster, but in the same teams car. It is understandable that a different team may be .800ths of a second behind Red Bull, but a Red Bull team mate? Some started to talk that perhaps Vettel had used KERS and Webber didnt, but it was later confirmed that neither cars used the KERS in practice OR qualifying.


Race Day couldnt come fast enough for me, having already waiting the off season – then having to wait another few weeks after Bahrain’s opener cancellation I was pipping at the post to see the 5 red lights go out and the sounds of the screeching engines.

After turn 1 however, I admit I was deflated, when I saw Vettel stream ahead in a blaze of glory and realised that was how it would stay for the duration of the race.

 In the end Vettel crossed the line a full 22.2 seconds ahead of the 2nd place getter, Hamilton.

Webber was overtaken at Corner 1 by Petrov, – Petrov, thats right. Webber wasnt able to return after a disastrous pit stop strategy ( a total of 3 stops ) cost him further time and he ended up finishing 5th – a debilitating 38.1 seconds behind his team mate.

Petrov was the hero of the race, obtaining his first ever podium for his F1 career in 3rd place – grabbing himself a mean 15 points.

Questions were raised once again, as to how Webber could possibly have obtained so much space between himself and his team mate. In post race interviews he has stated that for some reason, his car was wearing through the new tyres much faster and overall performance of the car was just not up to scratch. In terms of the KERS mystery – Red Bull have confirmed that they did not believe their KERS system was ready to be utilised in Melbourne, so without it being 100% reliable they made the team decision not to use it. They have confirmed it will be used in Practice, Qualy and Race day in Malaysia. However, I dont think Red Bull really care, they seemed to nail the opposition without it. Especially since it has been confirmed that Ferrari and McLaren using them. Didnt seem to help much boys.

As for the new removable rear wing – it was a blink and you’ll miss it moment. It made almost no difference to overtaking ability on track, and the times when it was broadcast, there was no major air influx or a sharp increase in speed to overtake. In fact, I cant confirm it actually allowed anyone to pass using it? 

Overall, a good start to the season – not a heap of race excitement in terms of off track action – although, Barrichello must have thought he was a rally driver and went off more than once!!

I am hoping we see more KERS and rear wing action in Malaysia – and of Webber, he has had a good track record here and admits it to being one of his favourite tracks.

It does boast some nice slow and fast cornering, so the outlook for overtaking is a good one – by this we will see the real use of the KERS and rear wing, essentially if it doesnt work here, I dont think it will.

Until Next time in Malaysia.

Happy Racing

Vroom Vroom


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